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Detroit has become quite an interesting place to live recently.

Films, shows and art exhibitions have made my weeks full of fun this fall. Something is seriously in the air...

Best Coast, Women, Sleigh Bells, Dadfag, the Strange Boys, Thee Oh Sees, Memoryhouse and many others have all been playing awesome and cheap shows all over town. And those are just bands from outside of Michigan! You would think that shows are my job considering how much time I am spending listening to music. But, when are all these bands going to come back again!? Who knows, so I've been going. And so far, the bands I have hung out with who have visited are in love with the city and some are even seriously considering moving here.

Art exhibitions at the MOCAD have brought none other than Mike Kelly and David Byrne to our city as well.

Finally, film exhibitions of our city are being presented this week at the Burton Theater, along with the sweet creative films by the local band ADULT. being shown at the DFT. More info on those exhibitions can be found here:

Also, if you haven't seen this everywhere here is the link for the movie with Johnny Knoxville. This is being shown tonight here in town at the Burton, but can be seen here.

I love this city!

I've got a little bone to pick with "Harold and Kumar."
Apparently they are filming their christmas movie in Detroit and decided that they had to strip our trees of their leaves in order to make Griswold look like winter.

I am totally pissed about this for a couple of reasons:
1) we already have issues with greenery in general in our (not so) beautiful town
2) those were the only trees we had on Griswold st.
3) how important really is it for us to have films be made here, if they compromise our city and its health?
4) how much MONEY did they really even pay us for the privilege of killing our trees?
5) who is really even benefitting from this investment--if our natural resources are taken advantage of at the same time? doesn't that seem a little ridiculous?
6) are they going to replace the trees that they killed?

Here is a nice and short free press article about it.


So, I was studying for my exam and didn't exactly get as far as I would have liked...but I got started.

First I went to the Dollar Tree on Jefferson and got party supplies. Unbelievably they have plastic cups for shots, metal decorative trays to put said shots on, and other assorted goodies including a bead necklace with an attached shot glass. But, enough about shots.

I also got awesome fiesta themed streamers and eyeglasses and table cloths and napkins and plastic-ware. They also have some sweet neon party cups, which I bought in abundance. Amoung other assorted goodies for $40, it wasn't half bad! Thanks Dollar store!

Then, I went to "La Colmena" Honey Bee market on Bagley St. in Mexican Town. I bought these two sweet pinatas, snacks, tortillas and all the fresh food delights for the taco bar!!! I hesitated to buy ice cream or cookies, and too much food before the day because I foresaw that I would eat it all...and I have chowed into the chips and salsa already. Another trip is forthcoming! The pinatas are pretty big and nice, so $15 each I though was reasonable. Their produce is always affordable and a bag of tortillas was like $3!!

So far the party is going to be on the cheap! Or so I thought. I went to Marcus Market on Second Ave. to ask about a keg and for PBR it was going to be $70 plus $100 for the deposite! What?!? That seemed really expensive. I think that I can get a keg in town for better than that--or at least better beer. We'll See!!


The time has come for my dog Peppi to become a woman. Let's put on a Quinceanera!!!

The plan of action:

Taco salad dip
Taco bar
Tres Leches postre
Agua de Horchata
Cerveza Corona
Tekila, duh!

plates and forks
Twinkle lights
glow in the dark crosses
and a bow tie for leopold, the date.

Photos of couples and ladies and gents
more snacking
and hitting a pinata until it falls apart
maybe a sand art table?

How am I going to do all of this without leaving Detroit? WATCH ME!


Detroit, I'm freaking out. This summer has been so awesome for shows. So much music! So many places to be at once!

Here is where I will be, stalkers:


Sleigh bells is playing at the Magic Stick.


Cafe D'mongos and the Downtown Synagogue are having a block party. If you give a $1 you get one-inch of Detroit land through the Loveland project! What?! YES LAND! LOVE THIS TOWN!!!!

Then after that I will be heading over to CAID for Nurse Nite II for some NOISE FREAK OUT!!


Haute to Death is hosting a beach pool party themed dance amazing at Temple Bar! I say yes!!!!


if you want to see people on trapezing and more NOISE and NO WAVE there is a show at CAID again. The line up is:

Turn To Crime (Awesome Derek solo No Wave)
Warren Defever (Solo jamz from da man !)
Lone Wolf & Cub (NYC, Drums & Trapeze, mem. Tall Firs)
Tzarinas of the Plane (Music & Performance Art)
Danjee Flesh Nation (Progressive Goth & Metal Explosion! mem. Druid Perfume)


LIARS is playing at the Magic Stick!!! ( I will probably go to this)



When am i going to study for my exam????!!!!!

Anyway, I realize I go to shows like its my job. Why am i not writing about them? So now I will. Come hang out with me if you like any of this noise. i love you, ang.